Corporate Social Responsibility

A company’s registration document is its commercial licence to operate. What it does for its stakeholders over and above its business activities comprises its moral licence to operate.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) enables Taxi Recapitalisation SA to give back to its communities, its industry, the environment or the country as whole, in a way that is structured, ethical, transparent and makes a substantial difference. CSR does not exist solely as a charitable endeavour, or a public relations exercise, but to be truly impactful.

Taxi Recapitalisation SA embraces CSR in two ways:

  • Education: we believe in investment in education, and we do this by offering bursaries to deserving students to finance their undergraduate studies.

  • Philanthropy: we support Hospice South Africa, because we respect the palliative care this organisation provides to terminally ill people, affording them and their families comfort and dignity when they most need it. Our national footprint also allows us to engage with Hospice facilities in all provinces. / Read more

  • Volunteering: we honour late former president Nelson Mandela, who devoted 67 years of his life to fighting for justice, equality and human rights, by volunteering our time to charitable and community work on Nelson Mandela International Day.
An organisation that can meaningfully support and empower the communities in which it operates, is one that is connected to them – and cares about them.

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