Successful applicants are paid a scrapping allowance of R141 100* per minibus taxi vehicle

*The scrapping allowance is reviewed annually by the Department of Transport

Taxi scrapping, one of the components of the RTRP, is established primarily for the physical scrapping of unroadworthy mini bus taxi vehicles that were manufactured on or before 4 September 2006. In order for the minibus taxi vehicle to be accepted for scrapping, qualifying criteria must be met. 



There are various stages in the taxi scrapping application process which are listed below. Our Call Centre Agents are available to assist with any queries you might have.
Step 1 - Mandatory Application Documents


all certified copies, stamped and dated bank statements must not be older than three (3) months. Only original and/or original certified copies of documents will be accepted.

Step 2 - Submit your forms and supporting documentation to TRSA Provincial Site Offices


Applicants with OLs issued in Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga may submit their applications to the TRSA Gauteng provincial site office.  It should be noted that your vehicle will be called for physical vehicle inspection at the TRSA provincial site office in which your application was submitted


Always use your reference number when following up on your application with the TRSA.

Step 3 - Your Documentation is Verified
Step 4 - Physical vehicle inspection
  • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Original Certified copy of ID
  • Original latest stamped Bank Statement


Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the vehicle receipt.

Step 5 - Your vehicle is deregistered


That all outstanding licenses fees and fines must be fully paid prior to deregistration.

Step 6 - Payment


That all outstanding licenses fees and fines must be fully paid prior to deregistration

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